Zvox’s AV203 AccuVoice Soundbar Speaker – The best sound bar for clarity

If you are in the market for a well designed soundbar with high voice boost then let me introduce you to the AV203 by Zvox. Here is a review of some of the AV203 AccuVoice Sound Bar Speaker capabilities.

Clear sound is important, especially if you are invested in listening to dialogues and enhanced sound effects in cinematic or gaming content. The AV203 AccuVoice Sound Bar Speaker is made specifically to cater to voice boosting, delivering quality dialogues using proprietary digital algorithms which lift the voice out of the soundtrack and manipulate them as needed. Take a look at our critical review of Zvox’s AV203 AccuVoice Sound Bar Speaker for more on one of the industry’s best soundbar for clarity.

What to expect from the Zvox’s av203

The AV203 sound bar by Zvox is a well developed gadget. It is enabled with various technologies such as the voice boost tech: which we will discuss in detail onwards. Ideally, this soundbar aims for maximum clarity instead of just loudness. Because it is sized so perfectly, this sound bar also offers design perks like compactness and portability. Anyone who struggles to hear voices especially will appreciate the sound from the AccuVoice Sound bar AV203. But won’t take our word for it: here are the actual features and performance breakdown for this device.

What are the key features?

Dimensions on this sound bar are on the smaller side reaching: 17″ W x 3.1″ D x 2.9″ H with a wide variety of input and output ports for easy connectivity. The soundbar is enabled with a Class D amplifier with the following specifications: 24Watt and high efficiency. This remote operated soundbar has 3 speakers, all full range with a sturdy housing.

Here are some of the other features and intricacies that make the AV203 AccuVoice Sound Bar so capable.

Advanced voice control tech

The six level dialogue boost on this device allows for the production of remarkably clear voices. This is all thanks to the patented hearing aid technology whereby all six levels deliver stronger voice emphasis, and reduced non vocal sections of the sound. Instead of constantly turning up the volume on your speakers to hear the dialogues, this soundbar enhances the soundtrack as needed; even people having difficulty hearing voices on TV can listen to entire dialogues on low volumes. You can select the level of voice control you would like. The levels range from AC1 to AC6.

Compactness and easy set up

Because it’s so small, this soundbar model can go just about anywhere. In fact, users can utilize the simple menu to connect the device anywhere they want to place it. Like with all sound bars, the optimum position is below or above the television. To achieve this placement position: hookup the connecting wire to your television, plug it into the wall and minimize the sound on the TV speakers. This is quite simple and will allow many users to access the quality sound frustration free. The included hanger slots found at the back panel make wall mounting this soundbar quite easy.

Quality build

Apart from the great features, this device boasts a beautiful exterior. For instance, the intricate parts are housed inside an aluminum cabinet. Using three full range speakers which have NEO-Dymium magnets: inside of which there are 24W amplifiers. A four digit display helps you read the volume setting, phase cue virtual sound, bass and even treble. Other details which you can find on the display is the AccuVoice feature we discussed above, the Output leveling (which you can find onwards) and a notification when you engage mute.

Great performance and control

This remote controlled sound bar has easy to access features. The remote itself is designed with easy to read buttons. With it, you can access the various input you would like. Moreover, volume control, AccuVoice and surround sound controls among other setting are accessible to the user via the remote. The input buttons are large enough to read and use.

With the virtual surround sound, formally known as the Phase Cue Virtual surround is the reason you can experience the 3D sound from the small cabinet.

Output leveling

This is another one of the more unique features on this Soundbar model. It is the reason loud sounds are softer and softer sounds are louder. A well developed processor ensures the sound is well leveled when transitioning between channels on your television. Moreover, this feature assists in boosting the audio levels when accessing content on CDs.


  • Compact sized soundbar
  • Easy to install
  • Great for producing clear voices
  • Advanced and patented hearing aid technology powers 6 levels of voice boost
  • Good connectivity


  • None so far


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Final Word

Clearly, the AV203 is modeled to develop soundbar to produce clear voices using advanced patented tech. The information above is more than enough to give you insight of how this device operates. The clear sound is a result of many capable features working together in the simple chic all black casing.

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