Trouble shooting and fixing the Samsung Soundbar HW H450 Subwoofer Common Issues

If you own a Samsung HW h450 subwoofer, and need help with an issue then you have come to the right place. There are many common problems associated with this soundbar: many of which you can fix yourself. Take a look for more on troubleshooting the Samsung HW h450 subwoofer’s issues.

Sound bars are handy speakers that help users to achieve and experience quality sound along with the excellent videos offered in modern TVs offer. These external audio sources provide users with quality sounds. Thanks to the multiple speakers used to deliver effects and quality sound with a soundbar. However, these devices are not problem free.

Read on as we analyze the common problems associated with the Samsung soundbar model: HW h450 and how to fix them. Enjoy.

Common problems and their fixes

Like we mentioned: there are many issues associated with this model of sound bar speaker. Some of the most common and their fixes include the following.

Samsung sound bar doesn’t come on

It is not uncommon for users to turn on their sound bar and to their surprise: nothing. Apart from actually connecting to the wall socket: the issue could lie with the power connection to your Samsung sound bar. For instance a problematic power cord, means no power to fuel the subwoofer.

Sound bar turns on but does not produce any sound

In case you do manage to confirm the issue is not power supply, then a Soundbar with sound issues is more likely to be possible. A poor connection, problematic cables or even no synch are some of the reasons your soundbar will have issues producing sounds.

Problematic soundbar remote

There are many possibilities that could explain why your remote does not work. However, the remote is an important control element with this device and must be kept at its best. Some of the common reason your Samsung HW h450 remote might not work include the following: dead batteries, use from an inaccessible angle and more.

To fix these issues, you simply need to address the specific remote control associated problem. For instance: if you suspect it’s the batteries, make a replacement: clean the upper edge and move closer to the device the next time you use it in order to confirm that it is working.

TIP: Users can do a mobile phone camera test on the remote control to confirm it works. This test allows you to use your phone to check if the remote is transmitting infra red glows. If so, then the remote is working just fine: if there are no infra red glows, then you know there is an issue with your remote for which you are advised to call the Samsung technical support unit.

Soundbar falls out of sync with TV

If you are very particular about audio and video sync, then this particular problem will bother you. This subwoofer experiences lip sync errors and audio delay when the TV/soundbar synch is interfered with or broken. To correct this, users are often advised to do one of three things: use the sound bar remote left/right buttons to restore sync, use the remote a second way with the forward/backwards skip buttons to restore sync or finally, use the + or – signs beneath the audio sync to restore synchrony.

Soundbar turn on automatically

This device is designed to form a strong connection to the TV in your space, and turn on every time your TV does. This feature, known as Automatic Power link is responsible for this synchrony. In order to stop the soundbar from turning on automatically the TV does, you must disable the Power link automated connection. To do this, use your remote to find the Auto Power button and press it A SINGLE TIME, if the feature is turned on.

Subwoofer vibrates violently

When a device vibrates so hard you can see it: that is a violent vibration. You may experience this phenomenon with the Samsung subwoofer. The only way to combat this strange movement is by adjusting the WOOFER value by pressing the WOOFER button on your soundbar system remote. Whichever way you go with the adjustment: ensure the value is between -12, -6 to +6.

Checking if you Samsung subwoofer works

Before and after troubleshooting your Samsung HW h450, it is important that you check if it works. This will validate and later on verify the troubleshooting process. In order to do this, you can connect the Samsung subwoofer to your TV to check for performance/function. Usually, this model allows connection to your TV 3 ways: over a HDMI cable, over Bluetooth or using a fiber optic digital cable.

Final word

In conclusion, there are many instances when users could experience problems with their Samsung HW h450 subwoofer soundbar. Luckily, this guide captures the most common issues surrounding this soundbar along with practical solutions to said common problems.

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