Soundbar placement options – Can you place one on the floor?

Ever wondered if your soundbar is positioned correctly? Or if how you’ve placed the device will affect the performance. Read on as we review soundbar placement, and the possibility of using uncommon placement positions like the floor, with optimum performance.

One of the most important aspects of using a soundbar is the placement options. How you position this device influences many things: including perceived performance and actual acoustic performance.

Here, we take you through everything you need to know about soundbar placement. Within this guide: you will find answers to some of the most popular questions users have regarding said placement. With this, we can address issues surrounding soundbar placement including: if users can place the soundbar on the floor and other unconventional areas, among others. Take a look.

Common soundbar placement options

There are many places where you can effectively mount a soundbar. These include around the television, within the vicinity of the couch and even the floor. Take a look as we explain further.

Around the TV

This is a widely accepted placement option that is quite versatile. Around the TV simply means users place the soundbar on below, above, or even on top of the television. Many experts consider over or under the television as the ideal soundbar placement location. This is mostly because; this gadget should technically remain 3 inches near the television to optimum performance. Depending on the space available beneath or around the TV, you can fit this device on, under or near the TV as needed.

Under the television for example allows for maximum connectivity with your TV: and is considered the smart option especially if this is your first sound bar. Moreover, this is the most popular TV-soundbar look that helps users achieve that nice aesthetic other placement options lack. Always center align the device when you place it below or above the TV. This ensures the sound is balanced and users can enjoy the full audio delight that these devices deliver.

TIP: We often caution users against a “behind the tv” configuration which is the least optimal placement alternative for soundbar audio devices around the television.

You are cautioned not to black the TV infrared light as you place the sound bar around it. This could lead to interference issues and various disturbances while you use your television.

Around the couch

Once more, many users opt to place their soundbar device behind or even within the vicinity of the couch. Unfortunately, this is a difficult position to get right. Often, placing a sound bar behind the couch takes away from the sound quality: thereby diminishing the soundbar quality audio experience.

Caution is once more given to users who intend to use a behind the couch configuration for their soundbar(s). Unfortunately, this placement does not favor audio quality and delivery.

Can you place a soundbar on the floor?

Surprisingly, the most common placement location many users opt for is the floor. This placement is popular because, first off, it is very easy to achieve. Ideally, a soundbar can go anywhere on the floor, as long as it is securely placed and remains near the television or Audio source.

However, this placement option is not recommended for users with small children or in spaces where falling hazards are dangerous. Leaving the soundbar on the floor leaves room for kids or pets to hurt themselves or the device.

Mounting a soundbar

Evidently, there are instances when mounting the soundbar will be required instead of just placing it somewhere. Among these instances is when users have their TV mounted to the wall. This is often the most difficult kind of placement as it requires handiness to some degree. Luckily, universal soundbar mounts and other devices make it possible for users to easily said devices.

TIP: If you choose to mount the soundbar and TV to the wall, ensure to make room between both devices. This allows users to access controls for either device quite easily.

Always remember to adhere to soundbar placement basics in order to experience the best possible acoustic performance from your device. These include: mounting/placing the soundbar the required distance from you, from the walls and from thesource.

Final word

In conclusion, sound bars are handy devices many users opt for as a home audio solution. These devices must e laced correctly in order to achieve the desired sound experience. It falls upon you as the user to find the best possible placement option based on the layout in your space, your preferences, among other factors. This guide provides enough information for anyone looking into the ideal placement option for their soundbar.

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