Sony HTS350 vs. Polk Audio SIGNA S2 – Which Soundbar & Subwoofer duo is better?

If you are interested in either the Sony HTS350 or Polk Audio SIGNA S2, then you have come to the right place. Take a look at our comparison review for both options.

The search for the best Soundbar can get confusing, considering all the different brands and technologies available today. For this reason, we take a look at two very popular soundbar-subwoofer duo devices that are great candidates, for anyone looking.

Below, you will find a comprehensive review of either option, their features, capabilities and limitations. Afterwards, we can help you decide which option is the better Soundbar-Subwoofer duo. Read on for more.

What are the major differences between Sony HTS350 and Polk Audio SIGNA S2?

Sony HTS350
Polk Audio SIGNA S2
41.02 x 20.35 x 9.80 inches
3.22 x 35.43 x 2.15 inches
Connectivity technology
HDMI cable or Optical link, Wireless
HDMI ARC, optical input, Wireless
Speaker type
Control technology
Remote controlled
Remote controlled, Smartphone-App controlled

Sony HTS350 vs. Polk Audio SIGNA S2- How these two differ

Connectivity technology

Unfortunately, Sony’s HTS350 is incapable of 4K and HD TV connectivity. This is possible using the Polk Audio SIGNA S2 model thanks to the universal compatibility feature on this soundbar model. In fact, Polk Audio go as far as to include all the cables needed to connect.

Surround sound technology

Sony utilizes the S-Force Pro to deliver a virtual surround sound effect, this is unlike Polk Audio SIGNA S2 which relies on the Dolby Digital decoding tech and other performance drivers to deliver superior surround sound.

Sony HTS350 vs. Polk Audio SIGNA S2- A comparison review

Sony HTS350 – Overview and Key features

Sony describes the HT-350 soundbar-subwoofer combination as the ultimate home theater upgrade. Both devices are equipped to offer excellent sound with seamless connectivity. Take a look at the features and capabilities of this dynamic duo.

First off the soundbar is Sony’s 2.1 channel system with and additional wireless subwoofer. The goal is to deliver optimized audio with clear mid to high frequencies for the soundbar while the subwoofer aims to produce low tones. As a result of this combination of vocal technologies, the audio is clearer and the voices more distinguishable.

The subwoofer, capable of wireless connection delivers deep rich bass sounds. Connectivity on this model is quite convenient: you can plug it into your TV with the HDMI cable or the optical link if your TV doesn’t come with HDMI. Moreover, users can access audio files on their phones on the Sony HTS350 using a Bluetooth connection.

Using the 7 different sound modes, you can enhance your entertainment experience. These modes are designed to cater to the differences in audio across various activities. For instance, gaming studio mode is great for gaming and development while the Sport mode audio induces a crowd like-sporty ambiance throughout the viewing session.

Movie watchers will appreciate the surround sound tech using S-Force PRO front Surround. With it, you and transported to the heart of the movie as designed in cinemas.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Simple all-black design
  • 7 different audio modes for versatility in use
  • Low priced duo with quality performance


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Polk Audio SIGNA S2- Overview and Key features

This soundbar-subwoofer duo delivers beautiful rich sound thanks to the assortment of features and design elements. With a set of 5 powerful range drivers, this ultra-slim set with universal TV connectivity will allow dramatic improvement in vocal clarity and overall sound of your home theater.

First off the Polk Audio SIGNA S2 is designed with the high-performance surround sound tech that allows ED, room-filling surround sound. The Performance driver in addition to Dolby Digital Decoding allows for this sound quality.

On the outside, the Polk Audio SIGNA S2is a slim low profile soundbar with and easy to use wall mount. The slim design in addition to the seamless connectivity allows for ease in placement. Universal compatibility on this model ensures use with even the most modern TVs: allowing users to experience the immersive audio with high-quality video.

Included, is the Voice adjust technology which in addition to improved vocal clarity, allows for clear dialogue regardless of the content. Wireless connection via the inbuilt technology allows users to play music from a wide variety of streaming apps.


  • Universal compatibility
  • Incredible room-filling surround sound
  • Comes with included connectivity cables


  • Somewhat overpriced for a 2.1 channel soundbar


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Of the two options, the Polk Audio SIGNA S2 is the better soundbar-subwoofer duo compared to the Sony HTS350. This device offers better quality sound with more expansive connectivity options. This duo offers just as many features if not more than the Sony HTS350, allowing the user to process/manipulate the audio track as needed.

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