Samsung HW-R60M Soundbar review – The best Soundbar & Suboofer duo for quality sound

If you are interested in the HW-R60M by Samsung: then you have some to the right place. Read on as we take a detailed look at the HW-R60M/ZA Soundbar-Subwoofer duo: features, capabilities, and more.

The HW-R60M is a fascinating model from Samsung that promises quality sound with reliable connectivity. To this effect, they have equipped both the Soundbar and sub-woofer to deliver that clear sounds with deep bass tones. Take a look as we review what this duo has to offer.

What to expect from the Samsung HW-R60M/ZA

The Samsung HW-R60 is a simple all black soundbar with clear, powerful tones. This device is highlighted with a wide variety of features: from design to even functionality. For instance, this soundbar allows for seamless pairing with your TV. This connectivity is especially important for those of us who aren’t so tech savvy. Moreover, the design includes elements that allow this sound bar to generate some quality sound. Read on for more on the HW-R60 features and capabilities.

What are the key features?

Officially known as the HW-R60M/ZA model, this device measures 41.5X2.3X3.4 inches, and weighs about 6.3 pounds .It is equipped with a wide variety of connectivity ports, this soundbar is capable of pairing with a range of devices. These connectivity ports include the following: HDMI port, Digital Audio input, Analog Audio input, and is rear surround speaker ready. Importantly, the soundbar is paired with a wireless subwoofer that helps deliver the high fidelity audio promised.

Here are some of the other features on the HW-R60M model duo.

Central speaker configuration for clarity

This centrally placed speaker is dedicated to deliver to you clear dialogue. Anyone who has trouble hearing voices or dialogues on TV speakers will appreciate the clarity on this soundbar.

Wireless connectivity accessories

One of the major perks of the HW-R60M is the ease of connectivity especially wirelessly. There are many dedicated features that work together/individually to confer this connectivity. One of these is the included wireless subwoofer that delivers intense sound with a powerful bass. This low end bass is great for soundtracks with video for viewing purposes. You can truly feel the sound effects delivered within your space thanks to this wireless subwoofer.

Bluetooth connectivity allows for versatility of use. You are now no longer limited to soundtracks from your TV, as you can stream music wirelessly from your phone to the soundbar. This is especially handy for anyone who enjoys a no strings attached kind of streaming, Its fun, and convenient.

An additional wireless surround kit allows users to expand their sound systems. With this, you can experience a surround sound by pairing it to the soundbar. This kit is sold separately, but is worth the surround sound experience.

Made for Samsung TV users

While compatible with many TVs, the HW-R60M model is optimized to work with Samsung televisions. With it, you can enjoy plug and play compatibility using either wired or wireless connections. On select Samsung TV models, users can connect to the one remote feature that allows the ultimate control from the television menu. This is quite convenient for anyone not looking to learn how to operate different remotes.

Quality build

The soundbar itself is well built with a six speaker arsenal to deliver crisp clear sound, especially voices. These are encased in an all black metal body and enabled with a variety of ports for connectivity. Overall, the Soundbar and subwoofer are well built to function with other devices and deliver that quality clarity with a deep bass. The sleek look is a bonus for a streamlined look with most HDTVs.

An included wall mount bracket ensures easy wall mount set up.


Apart from the wireless connectivity we have discussed above, and the physical connectivity ports we have also mentioned, there is more to performance on sound bars. For instance, the format of audio files supported will dictate the versatility and all the different soundtracks you can access with the device. The HW-R60M model supports the following file formats: WAV, AAC, WMA, OGG and MP3.


  • Works with wireless subwoofer to deliver quality sound
  • Optimized performance for Samsung TV owners
  • Simple all black design
  • Makes accommodations for wireless connectivity
  • Easy to install


  • A bit on the pricier side

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Final Words

All things considered, the HW-R60M/ZA is a chic duo for quality sound reproduction. Equipped to produce quality clarity with deep bass, this soundbar package is ideal for cinematic, gaming and even theater type of use.

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