Can you place a Soundbar behind the TV – A complete guide to soundbar placement options

Installing your first soundbar, but don’t know where to put it? Welcome: you are not alone. In fact, many users often find it difficult to choose the best position and method to place the soundbar. Here is our comprehensive guide to soundbar placement to help you with any questions you may have about placement, whether placing the device behind the TV is a good idea and more.

Proper placement for Soundbars is a must especially when you want to experience the full effect of this audio device. It is therefore important that users learn the different placement options available to them and how these options affect the resulting sound quality.

Take a look as we guide you through the intricacies of soundbar placement: everything you need to learn, placement options available to you and answers to some of the common misconceptions and mistakes associated with soundbar placement. Read on.

Will placement influence performance?

The short answer is yes. The positioning and location of your soundbar will influence performance in many ways. Reason being: the way you place the device will affect how sound travels in the room and how you receive it. The result is a whole variety of way users can and cannot utilize soundbar placement for maximum sound quality.

Different ways to place a sound bar around your TV

There are many configurations the soundbar to TV configuration can take. Below is a breakdown of how these arrangements work, in addition to how well these perform. Take a look.

Under or beside the TV

When you think about the TV-Speaker/Woofer/Soundbar arrangement: this is the popular configuration that comes to mind. Granted this arrangement is not only meant to offer aesthetic appeal. In fact, it is the optimal arrangement because it allows for maximum access to the sound waves delivered directly from the device and those bouncing off the walls and aggregating at the user.

However, you are advised to adjust the settings on the soundbar to suit the acoustics in your space. This way, you can get the most out of this device even with a simple set up.

TIP: When positioning your SoundBar, ensure you achieve as close to a central alignment as possible. Middle placing your device like this allows for optimum transfer of the sound for that next level acoustics performance.

Can you place a soundbar behind the TV?
Placement behind the TV, while possible is the least optimum way to position this device around your device. Allow us to get sciency for a moment as we explain. Because of the way sound travels, and how we perceive it, it is counterproductive to pace this audio device facing the wall. Ideally, soundbars produce sound in the form of waves, which when placed correctly, will bounce off the walls, and aggregate to the user.

When behind the TV, the waves do not behave so and the result is a muffled sound. In fact, the sound waves will not travel as needed, nor will they reach the user where they are seated. Instead, this sound is limited to the back of the TV or the space behind it. This configuration robs uses of the possibility to experience the maximum acoustic performance their soundbar could deliver.

Using mounts

Different mounting systems allow users to place their soundbar in different locations, and positions all together. When done correctly, and securely, mounted sound bars offer as much audio excellence as they do uncounted. You are cautioned to be especially careful with mounting configurations. Ensure not to block buttons or various accesses to your TV as you attempt to find the perfect soundbar placement.

Properly connecting your soundbar

All your efforts in placement will not matter if your device is not connected properly. One of the most common problem users experience with sound bars is apparent failure/not functioning. The main culprit is usually poor connection to the power source or even to the TV. It is therefore essential that we as users understand the importance of establishing a proper Soundbar connection.

To achieve this connection, always ensure the power chord that connects to your device is appropriately attached. Moreover, ensure the connection to your TV, or video device: is secured and maintained as needed. Many soundbars often require that you synchronize the device with the TV; this shouldn’t be a problem and takes users a few seconds to complete. Often, the sync feature is the reason users can automatically access the sound bar.

Final word

Indeed, the Soundbar is tricky device to have and set up. When done correctly, placement can influence performance and overall sound quality in your space. It is therefore important that users learn the different ways they can place their soundbars, in addition to the effects these configurations have on acoustic performance and audio quality. The content above does a good job in explaining these concepts.

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