Bose Solo 5 vs. Yamaha YAS-207 – Which ultimate home theater solution is better?

Soundbars offer a great solution to users who need quality audio to accompany their visuals. Take a look as we review and compare both the Bose Solo 5 and Yamaha YAS-207, two very capable home theater solutions. Are you in the market for a home theater upgrade? If so, allow me to introduce you to both the Bose Solo 5 and the Yamaha YAS-207. They each offer a wide variety of features and functionalities that make them good candidates to consider for your home theater needs. Read on as we review what each device has to offer, its capabilities and limitations.

What are the major differences between Bose Solo 5 and Yamaha YAS-207?

Bose Solo 5
Yamaha YAS-207
2.6 H x 21.6 W x 3.4 D
4.3 x 36.7 x 2.4 inches
Connectivity technology
audio cable : optical coaxial or analogue
HDMI, optical or analog connection
Best feature
Universal remote control
DST virtual 3-D surround sound

Bose Solo 5 vs. Yamaha YAS-207 – How these two differ

Performance and Overall experience

Because of the features conferred to Yamaha YAS-207, it is more capable of recreating more quality sound with better bass compared to the Boss Solo 5.

In fact Bose Solo 5 is incapable of producing the immersive audio experience as the Yamaha YAS-207 does with the features ranging from DTS virtual surround sound to offer next level 3-D sound.


Once more, the Yamaha YAS2207 offers versatility in control. In fact, apart from the standard remote control, this unit features an app which allows Smartphone operation via Bluetooth. With the Bose Solo 5, the furthest you will go with smart phone control is Music streaming and control. Luckily, the universal control on the Nose Solo is more than enough to easily connect and operate the system.

Bose Solo 5 vs. Yamaha YAS-207- A comparison review

Bose Solo 5 Overview and Key features

The Bose Solo is specifically engineered to produce clarity in the vocals and even details within soundtracks. Equipped with a variety of features and convenient design elements, this soundbar is capable of versatility in connectivity, placement, and more. Here is more on the Bose Solo 5.

The exterior is a sleek all-black design that fits beautifully with your TV that is easy to set up. In fact, all you need to set up this device is an audio cable. This could be an optical, coaxial or even analog cable; use whatever is accessible to you. With this diversity in connectivity and compact exterior, it is easy to place this device literally anywhere. Many users will appreciate the ease and convenience of placement: which is often a source of distress.

If you choose to, users can access the WB-120 wall mount that allows you to mount the device directly to the wall. On dialogue mode, this soundbar produces clear audio using very advanced technology.

Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity with the Universal remote control allows for the expansive use of this soundbar. It is a single bar sound system with the ability to provide quality bass. The remote also allows for the adjustment of deeper tones to deliver bass depending on your preferences.


  • Great exterior
  • Quality build
  • Good sound with okay bass


  • No DTS support
  • Poor connectivity options


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Yamaha YAS-207 Overview and Key features

The YAS-207 by Yamaha is a powerful entertainment must-have for anyone looking for an immersive audio experience. This Soundbar-subwoofer duo, with the help of their vast features, help to reproduce virtual 3D sound. Here are some of the features and designs that make this possible.

DTS virtual reality X us YAS-207’s immersive surround sound 3D experience that simulates more spacious sounds, giving them height, a sense of depth and overall very lifelike. Avid gamers and watchers will enjoy this sound realism through recreation and manipulation.

Thanks to the 6 arsenal speaker drivers housed in an acoustic cabinet in the dimensions: , the YAS-207 is capable of delivering very clear sounds.. The Clear Voice mode specifically ensures dialogue and narration are at the forefront so voices are perceived best. In fact, from the exterior, this design balances functionality with aesthetics: incorporating various operational designs to deliver a slim, chic device. Its compactness allows for a variety of placement options including on the table, under the TV, mounted to the wall: anything really.

P.S: The mounting template makes it easy to mount the soundbar as needed.

Accompanied by the wirelesses subwoofer, the soundbar produces quality music over a variety of audio files. This subwoofer is wirelessly connected to the Soundbar and offers a deep and quite an impactful bass. An easy remote control allows you to control the features as needed. It is highly compatible with a variety of TVs and sources. Moreover, this device supports 4KUHD, HDR, and even HDCP2.2 pass-through: ensuring provisions for quality sound with the latest TV/Monitor technology.

If you desire, you can connect the YAS-207 to the available app for Smartphone operability, This Bluetooth-operated connection allows for a more elaborate control outside what the remote offers.


  • High connectivity
  • Convenient use with app for Smartphone operation
  • Slim chic design


  • Bass wavers up and down: could be a cross over problem


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When faced with the decision between Bose Solo 5 vs. Yamaha YAS-207, we recommend you choose Yamaha’s YAS-207, the better home theater solution. This model not only delivers better audio quality with richer bass, but it is also a more powerful entertainment tool compared to the Bose Solo 5.

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