Best Soundbar for the Hearing Impaired

If you experience hearing issues, either with perceiving dialogues clearly or simply innate hearing impairment, then this guide is just for you. Take a look at the best Sound bar for the hearing impaired.

With old age, or sometimes naturally, comes hearing issues. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy quality audio to accompany your viewing, gaming or streaming purposes. Below, you will find a comprehensive guide to some of the most popular, and functional Soundbar for users with hearing issues.

While some of these are regular sound bars, others are specifically designed to cater to hearing impairment issues. Take a look for more.

The best Soundbar for the hearing impaired reviews

Best Feature
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VIZIO SB 2920-C6 Soundbar
Best Standard soundbar that serves the hearing impaired
Oldie but goodie
ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 Soundbar
Best hearing impairment-friendly soundbar
ZVOX AccuVoice Sound base 440 Soundbar
Best technology for hearing loss
Samsung Harman Kardon Sound Bar
Best featured soundbar for the hearing impaired

VIZIO SB 2920-C6 Soundbar – Best Standard soundbar that serves the hearing impaired

Anyone with any experience with affordable sound bars, and great performing sound bars in general is familiar with the VIZIO SB2920-C6. Turns out, this sound bar is designed with great features that catered to individuals with hearing impairment. Here is how.

First off, let talk exterior. VIZIO have designed this soundbar with a streamlined plain black body. Available in 2 different sizes: 29 inch and 32 inch, this sound bar finds a way to suit users with different size needs. Since size is a big deal when choosing a sound bar, this variety in size makes VIZIO quote a unique model.

Ideally, this device is designed to deliver crystal clear sound that has less than 1% total harmonic distortion. Other technical specs on this model include the 95dB room filing effect. The DTS TruFeatures are the revolutionary features that help deliver the realistic surround sound with consistent and enjoyable volumes. This is great news for all our friends with hearing impairments.

Using the Bluetooth, you can easily wirelessly connect compatible devices to this soundbar. VIZIO describes this soundbar as the simple upgrade to your sound system. Additionally, this device is quite easy to set up. You can connect the soundbar to your TV using cables which are included in the purchase.


  • Nice looking soundbar
  • Great value for money
  • Delivers great sound


  • Doesn’t support Dolby Digital decoding


VIZIO’s SB 2920-C6 soundbar model is widely popular and with good reason. It is a wonderful option for users in need of a quality performance soundbar technology.

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BESTISAN Soundbar– Oldie but goodie

The 90Watt soundbar by BESTISAN is a 34 inch high tech soundbar that delivers quality sounds for all users. It is creatively designed to look and play the part.

This is a highly configured soundbar with inbuilt components that ensure the high performance capabilities. The device hosts 4 full range speakers with an additional 2 tweeter speakers. The total wattage for these is 90W. In built bass reflex tubes help enrich the sound by adding, well some bass.

With these wide range tweeters, use can access even wider range sound coverage compared to conventional sound bars. The included subwoofer is easy to connect and relies on the output on the soundbar for connectivity. A gloss exterior is host to all the components above. It is designed in a curved design with a great capable to ensure the sound is delivered as needed.

Control on this soundbar is quite easy, with two control methods offered. Remote and touch control allows for a versatile use of this technology.

Wireless Bluetooth technology, allow you to connect to your devices and enjoy high quality home audio streaming. Moreover, features like the DPS technology ensure you receive prime clarity on dialogues. Movie mode does just as the name suggests and immerses the user in a movie environment, regardless of hearing impediments.


  • Great sound at a very cheap price
  • Value for money
  • Elegant looking soundbar


  • None so far


If you are looking for an elegant looking, great performing soundbar, then you may want to consider the BESTISAN soundbar.

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ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 Soundbar – Best hearing impairment-friendly soundbar

ZVOX does not need an introduction especially in regard to hearing impairment-friendly sound bars. This model is no different; however, it is a unique device, specifically great for anyone with problems with their hearing. Here is how.

The device features the built in hearing and technology that allows users to access very clear voices. This is even at low volumes. Many components are housed within the aluminum body. Aesthetically, this device is very friendly with many different decors. It will blend in great with your TV, ensuring it not only looks great but also sounds great.

Let’s zoom in on the Patented AccuVoice technology which is responsible for the clarity in the voices. Because of this feature, audio is easy to understand. The processing depends on a processor with very complex algorithms that allow the device to separate and subsequently process voices from other sounds in the soundtrack.

If you are not a handy person, the one page manual provides clear and easy guidelines which ensure an easy set up process. The easy install nature is supplemented by the fact that it comes with easy to mount features.

Special features like Output Leveling, you are safe from the fluctuation in loudness as you flip through the channels. Another complex processor helps make soft sounds loud enough and loud sounds acceptably soft.


  • Patented tech for clarity in sound
  • Output Leveling ensures abrupt sounds do not hurt the ears
  • Good performance even at low volumes


  • Problematic components


If you are in need of an efficient soundbar that delivers clear voice reproduction: then consider the ZVOX AccuVoice AV200.

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ZVOX AccuVoice Sound base 440 Soundbar – Best technology for hearing loss

If you are in need of a quality Soundbar with clarity in sound which is convenient to use, then the ZVOX AccuVoice Sound base 440 Soundbar might be worth checking out. Some of the features and capabilities on this model include the following.

ZVOX audio have done it again with yet another hearing impaired-friendly soundbar. Yes, this device does include features and measures taken to specifically to accommodate anyone with hearing issues. At a 28 x 14.5 x 3.5 inch dimensions, and an accommodating design, this device is efficient in many different lives.

The sound quality is excellent: which is attributed to Accuvoice technology, coupled with other technologies including the inbuilt bass subwoofer speaker feature. The three speakers are more than enough to deliver the sound as necessary.

Powered by 2 AAA batteries, this device should last long sessions of use.


  • Makes voice quite easy to understand
  • Many users enjoy the quality of sound and performance
  • Great performing device
  • Designed with hearing issues in mind


  • Not the ultimate solution sound issues: but it gets the job done


Looking for the ideal solution to clarity for your hearing issues, then you can rely on this model from ZVOX for you needs.

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Samsung Harman Kardon Sound Bar – Best featured soundbar for the hearing impaired

In full, some users may know this model as the Dolby Atoms Harman Kardon Soundbar, or alternatively, the HW-X09R models all by Samsung. This Soundbar is deiced to step outside conventional Soundbar technology for enhanced audio quality. Here is more.

Samsung have designed this model Soundbar with various advanced technologies that allow users to perceive sound from the sound track as they would in real life. For instance, the DTS:x and Dolby Atmost technologies, allow multidirectional projection and movement of sound. This ensures the sound moves around you in independent directions as they do in real life

The exterior and interior are well built with a wide variety of impressive hardware tech. The 7 built in speakers for instance ensure you perceive 3D sound from the device. Moreover, the 3.1.2 channels with a dedicated center channel ensure you receive audio quality out of this world. This center channel for instance ensures dialogue is crisp and clear.

Many other features such as the acoustic beam technology and even adaptive technology ensure users can access optimized and quality audio. Adaptive sound for instance is responsible for clarifying voices even over low volumes. Users whose hearing is impaired will appreciate all the different ways the Samsung Harman Kardon Sound Bar, ensures quality audio with clarity in the words, and voices.

Various other convenience and functional features accompany this device. For instance, gamers will enjoy using this soundbar on game mode plus that offers quite immersive gaming audio.

Connectivity with the HW-X09R in terms of audio input include optical and HDMI connections. Other connectivity options like Bluetooth ensure users can easily stream content from compatible device.

While not limited to other TV’s, this soundbar is designed to function at optimum only with Samsung QLED televisions. This might not be the best news for users with a different TV brand/model.


  • Deliver panoramic sound over various technologies
  • Connects seamlessly to accompanying subwoofer
  • Dolby ATMOS & DTS:X for independently moving sound: just like in real life
  • Great exterior with admirable build quality


  • Limited to only TV and movie watching purposes: doesn’t do too well with other activities


Samsung is a widely known brand with models such as the HW-X09R series of sound bars. The Samsung Harman Kardon Sound Bar comes highly recommended to users looking for a dependable soundbar for their viewing purposes.

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Tips to consider when purchasing soundbar for hearing loss

Before you invest in a sound bar, as an individual(s) with hearing issues, it is very important to consider how the model is formulated to suit to your needs. For this reason, here are some tips on the different things you must consider when purchasing these devices as persons with hearing issues. Take a look

Technologies dedicated specifically for hearing impairment

While not mandatory, it is important for devices to dedicate certain technologies to the improvement of dialogue, voice and overall sound quality to benefit you. Some of these technologies include the proprietary AccuVoice tech on various ZVOX models specifically tailored to improve hearing for our friend with hearing impairment.

Often, these technologies are dedicated to delivering crisp, clear words from soundtracks. In addition to this, these technologies also improve the audio quality without the user having to constantly change the volume.

Range and coverage of audio output

While close to all soundbar have good coverage, some go beyond this to not only improve the range of the output, but also deliver surround sound, and in some cases similar to audio transmission for more realism: 3D sound. With such expansive reach users with hearing issues need not constantly adjust settings or even their positions to access quality sound.

Set up and placement

If this is not your first soundbar, then you must be aware of the role placement plays with these devices. All users are advised to take seriously where and how they incorporate the soundbar into their home entertainment systems. To do this, you need sound bars that not only work well, but are designed and equipped with easy set up features. These could include mounting brackets, to even seamless designs meant to fit properly at optimum placement positions.

Notably, this consideration applies to all users, not just those with hearing issues.

All the other factors

There are more standard factors to consider when purchasing a soundbar. Those above are specific to the demographic discussed. However, you must forget to consider all the other factors while you look at those above. Meaning, issues like size, connectivity and compatibility, Power source, price and many others are also valid considerations to make prior to the official purchase.


Issues with hearing, or hearing loss should not stop you from experiencing quality audio, to accompany the visuals: especially over soundbar. The guide above provides you much of everything you may need before investing full time in a sound bar. Fortunately, the items chosen are great options for users with hearing impairments.

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